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You are beautifully flawed and perfectly equipped! Are you ready to manifest more in your life? No matter where you are starting, I believe in the power of YOU beyond measure. You are SELF MADE!  What do I mean? You determine YOU -- but that does not mean you are alone. We will use the power of community to lift women up and level up your life and business.



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Jessica Herrin is CEO and Founder of the Stella & Dot Family of Brands. She has been featured on Oprah, the Today Show, and Undercover Boss, in Fortune, the NY Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and was included on Inc.'s list of top 10 Female CEOs.



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What if you could, with a little effort, live an extraordinary life? A life in which you felt deep passion for everything you did, and always had time for what matters most?


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Are you ready to level-up your game?

Hey there! You discovered this gem before everybody else! We’re in the super early days of launching this private Self Made Community, and our goal is to lift driven and caring people up in life and business.

Why a private community?  So we can call the shots, and cut out the clutter and the spam! Oh, and we’ll moderate the heck out of this happy place, I promise, no politics, no spam or crazy business. To set the tone, I’m getting this party started with things to fuel your mind, mojo and soul! Things I’ve learned as a mom, CEO, and leader over these last crazy, beautiful decades of becoming self-made. I want you to learn and laugh from my many many mistakes! I want you to tap into your own personal power and amp it up!

When you need to fill your cup, you come here. When you need a reminder, that you have what it takes, tap into this power source.  You are not confined by your past or are you set in your circumstances…and you sure as heck don’t need other people’s approval to shine. You are self-made.  

As an early settler here, you shape what happens next. So let’s do this, all light and love, all authenticity, all contribution of positive energy. This is a place where we believe we succeed by multiplication not division, where we see people as well intended, and even more capable than they know.

We expect a lot of ourselves and know we are doing something tremendously important for each other. Getting happiness on the rise, creating a joyous, inclusive world for our children and giving opportunities to all by putting power into their own minds and hands. Gap close with us. Kick ass with us. Level up your life with us. You are self-made, but that does not mean there is not a power in WE! You decide your values, your choices, your life, and we’ll surround each other with support — we are stronger and better, together.


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