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Serial entrepreneur Jessica Herrin, Founder & CEO of Stella & Dot Family of Brands, shares an unfiltered perspective on her windy road towards success, obstacles faced, mistakes made, opportunities seized and challenges overcome. From mediocre student waitressing her way through community college and Stanford Business School drop out, Jessica bootstrapped her way to success, first as the co-founder of the company that became WeddingChannel.com -- a business that was commercially successful but didn’t leave her soulfully fulfilled. Out of the living room of her home, while working full time and pregnant with her first child, Jessica launched her next company, Stella & Dot, with a mission: To give women the opportunity to earn with flexibility and define success on their own terms. Today, she is at the helm of a company that has sold over $1 billion in products in fashion and beauty, and most importantly, helped women earn over $500 million in flexible income and own their destiny.

Expanding on the lessons shared in her bestselling book, Find Your Extraordinary, Jessica, our coach, mentor, and mom of two, invites women to participate in a weekly dialogue with the simple goal to help you rise in their own life. Jessica shares her personal point of view, lessons learned across a range of business and life topics and delves into the downright comical and imperfect tales of her own Self Made journey. Jessica will take things one step further and tap into her network of successful business leaders and gurus to share their insights on the journey towards success, pose important questions for us all to consider and offer make-it-happen advice. Self Made is for people who love to hustle, want more out of life, refuse to sacrifice too much to succeed -- whether professionally, personally or both -- and are looking for the mojo and actions they need to go out and make their own lives exactly what they want.

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